Welcome to Flight School!

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Founded in 1998 by Al Kong, Al's Aviation offers the most comprehensive flight training services available in Central Valley. Our training facilities have a friendly, comfortable atmosphere and our instructors are highly experienced, professional, and certified.

Courses Offered

  • Private pilot training
  • Instrument training

Ground School

On the ground you will learn using our state-of-the-art Computer Based Instruction (CBI) program that uses fully interactive graphics and full motion video. CBI provides a better way to learn. No books to lug around, no hurrying to class, or no cramming before your written exam.

You'll learn everything you need to know, not only to pass your exam, but also to be a knowledgeable, competent pilot. Study wherever you go. At home. At the office. Even while traveling. You'll watch presentations by top aviation educators, see dramatic, enlightening in-flight footage, take interactive quizzes, learn interesting trivia, and prepare for upcoming lessons before you ever climb into the airplane.

Discover Flight

Taking a discovery flight is a great way to learn more about flight training. You will do most of the flying, and find out how much fun it can be. We guarantee that once you do, you won't stop until you have your license. For more information about taking a discovery flight, fill out the form below and click the Discover button.

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